Photography and Video Recordings of Children

Whitehorse takes the privacy of children seriously. As such we have guidelines in place for people that would like to photograph or video tape the children playing at Sportlink.

Before taking any photographs or video recordings you are required to sign the Photography Register at Mission Control.

By signing this book you are agreeing to the following:

I declare I will only use the photos/video taken for a social/recreational purpose and that they will not appear on electronic media or other media without permission.

Note: if taking of photo/video for media e.g. newspaper, no names are allowed to be printed and all participants and their parents must give permission for this.

If a family member is taking photos/video, they must advise the player’s coach and the opposition coach that they have signed the register and ask that it is ok to take photos.

For all enquiries or information about photographing or video taping children please speak to the people at Mission Control.