Thursday Night

Thursday Night competition offers Mixed and Ladies only sections.

All games are played on the indoor courts at Sportlink.  Our competition is Netball Victoria affiliated, requiring all participants to hold a current Netball Victoria (NV) Membership.  Fill in players are required to purchase a Single Game Voucher (SGV) before taking the court.

Refer to Fixtures & Results page for Thursday Night fixtures.  In case of changes, please check fixtures each Thursday.

2018 Applications

Entries now open for 2018 Season 2.  Season 2 commences on July 19th 2018 and concludes on November 29th 2018.  All fees to be paid by August 30th 2018.  Please refer to team entry form for further details.

Team Entry Form

Team Registration Sheet

To purchase your 2018 NV Membership please go to the NV Membership page.


All team members should dress appropriately choosing only one of the following options:

1. Sports shorts and same top. (Shorts must be solid colour, discrete logo OK, without pockets, zips or cuffs).

2. Netball skirts and same top.

3. Same netball dress.

When selecting new playing tops we recommend polos and tees as they are inexpensive, suit all body shapes and sizes and are easy to source. You can also choose something designer if your team budget allows.   If choosing printed/sublimated tops please supply a sample of your chosen uniform (paper form ok) for Thursday Night co-ordinators to approve, before ordering/buying a team set. Please remember to order extras for fill in players to use.

Tops worn by team members that are not identical, cannot be considered uniform.

Singlet style tops are not suitable for Thursday Night Competition. Please do not draw any comparison with netball dresses which are designed to unlikely sustain finger injuries.

Lycra or stretch cotton leggings/bike shorts are not acceptable netball attire.


Please mark players each game.  No credit given for players not marked.  This may affect eligibility for finals and points will be deducted for incomplete scoresheets.

Only players with 4 or more games recorded can take the court in finals.

On the back of the scoresheet, please record names, addresses and date of births of any new players not already registered to your team.

Please remember to record injuries sustained during games on the back of scoresheets.  These must be signed by the match umpire.


Please contact 0400 822 707.

By-law 12.  Walk-over / forfeits: full cost of both team sheets to be paid by team failing to attend or unable to commence a game due to insufficient players. Match fee will be refunded to the team in attendance or credited to their next match. Penalty fees will apply regardless of when notice is given. Teams winning by walkover/forfeit will be awarded 10 goal to nil, and receive 4 premiership points.