Umpiring can be exciting, challenging, rewarding and gives you a greater understanding of the game. It is a life skill you can receive many rewards from. Our oldest umpire is 82, still enjoying officiating our matches.

Becoming Involved

The first step to becoming an umpire is to contact your Club Umpire Coordinator.

Your Club Umpire Coordinator will introduce you to the HATs “Have-A-Try” program, at the 8.10am and 9am time slots each Saturday.

You will require:

  • a whistle
  • the Netball Australia Official Rules of Netball rule book
  • a white shirt and skirt or white dress (boys to wear white shirt and shorts)

You will be required to:

  • Attend a “Fundamentals of Umpiring” session, usually held on the first Saturday of the season
  • Over time, complete the 2 online pre-requisites for obtaining your C badge –
    • Rules of Netball Theory Examination (must obtain a 70% plus pass mark) (no cost)
    • Umpire Course Level 1 (cost $25)

To complete the online e-learning go to the Netball Victoria website,  and follow the prompts.

Please contact the Whitehorse Umpires Coordinator if you need further information or assistance.

Badged Umpires

We wish to congratulate the following umpires who obtained badges in 2017.

A Badge:

  • Claire Anderson (Blackburn South)

B Badge:

  • Leah Stremski (Hi-Lites)
  • Kieran Cantwell

C Badge:

  • Bernadette Hassett (Thursday Night)
  • Chandler Nichols (Livingstone)
  • Eliza Kral (Aces)
  • Emma Crack (Blackburn South)
  • Georgia Lagos (Blackburn South)
  • Hannah Jefferies (Livingstone)
  • Harriet Jenkins (Laburnum)
  • Hayley Thomas (Laburnum)
  • Janien de Beer (Ignite)
  • Kayla Pratt (Blackburn)
  • Lucy Pollock (Laburnum)
  • Maddie Taylor (Aces)
  • Megan Scullin (Blackburn South)
  • Ruby Klepac (Aces)
  • Ruken Zeyto (Laburnum)
  • Sienna Thornton (Hi-Lites)
  • Sommer Tumes (Hi-Lites)
  • Tia Yiannoudes (Laburnum)
  • Zoe Tweedale (WCNC)

Rules of Netball

The International Netball Federation (INF) has announced the latest update of its rules of the game.

The changes will take effect for all matches played in Australia, and all international games, on January 1, 2018.

The updates reflect the amendments to the 2016 rules that were approved at INF Congress in July 2017, and are not new rules, but small changes.

The amendments include:

  • New definitions of breaking, pivot and set (for a free pass and penalty pass)
  • The sanction if a free pass or penalty pass is taken in an incorrect position
  • When a player who is in the correct position may take the penalty pass
  • Umpires hold time to give a caution and new caution signal added
  • Change of ‘official warning’ to ‘warning’ throughout rules book
  • Suspension period is 2 minutes playing time
  • State when a player may move into the court surround
  • Minor tidy up to remove duplication and provide clarity

Netball Australia has developed a video series to explain the amendments to the rules, which can be watched here.

To obtain an updated copy of the Rules of Netball and other resources, visit